Dr Jim Goodrich Memorial Symposium

Convener: G Narenthiran FRCS(SN)

Welcome - Dr G Narenthiran, Moderator, Neurosurgery Research Listserv (NSRL)

Opening remarks - Prof Jose Francisco Salomao, President, ISPN

Video collage of Dr Jim Goodrich at Listserv courses

Vascular anatomy and possible complications of the endoscopic surgery for paediatric hydrocephalus - Prof K Nishiyama

Lessons learnt from Post Fossa surgery - Prof Seow Wan Tew

Encephalocoeles - Prof Chandrasekhar Deopujari (India):

Separation of craniopagus twins in New Delhi - Prof Deepak Gupta

Recording of a talk from Dr Jim Goodrich on cranioplasty

Raised Intracranial Pressure in craniosynostosis - Prof Llewellyn Padayachy

Contributions of Dr Jim Goodrich to the development of craniofacial Surgery in the USSR - Prof Dmitry Zinenko

History of the evolution of clivus chordomas  - Prof Miguel Arraez

The new CSF dynamics - Prof Concezio Di Rocco

Hydrocephalus management in the pre-shunt era - Mr Richard Edwards

Dr Jim Goodrich: contributions to the development of surgery for craniosynostosis - Mr Guirish Solanki

History of brainstem tumour surgery (as inspired by Dr Jim Goodrich) - Prof George Jallo

Dr Jim Goodrich: the mentor - Prof Michael Schulder

Epilepsy surgery in children: why should the paediatric neurosurgeon be involved - Prof Helio Reuben Machado

Neurosurgeon & travel: what I learnt from travelling, volunteering and collecting - Dr Gene Bolles

Contributions of Dr Jim Goodrich to surgery for separating craniopagus twins - Prof Marion Walker

Recording of a lecture of Dr Jim Goodrich on separating craniopagus twins

How was Dr Jim Goodrich with his patients and their parents?  Ms Kamilah Dowling

Closing remarks - Prof Frederick Boop, President-elect, ISPN

Vote of thanks - Dr G Narenthiran, Moderator, NSRL

March 12, 2021 at 12 pm - 9 pm (UK)