Arachnoid cysts

1. What is arachnoid cyst?

2. How common is arachnoid cysts?

3. Why do arachnoid cysts form?

4. Is arachnoid cyst genetic?

3. Are there different types of arachnoid cysts?

4. Do arachnoid cysts cause problem?

5. What are the symptoms related to arachnoid cysts?

6. If my child has headaches and a arachnoid cyst on the MRI of  head, is the headache due to the arachnoid cyst?

7. Do arachnoid cystsneed operating?

8. What would be the purpose of an operation for arachnoid cysts?

9. What surgical optiosn are there for managing arahnoid cysts?

10. What are the possible complications of surgery for arachnoid cysts?

11. Do patiens who have had surgery, need follow-up?

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